The EUROPE project focuses on the implementation of the Quiet Time Programme based on Transcendental Meditation, an innovative whole school approach involving teachers and students, aiming at reducing stress and violence in schools and at promoting social inclusion.



An innovative approach to reduce violence and promote tolerance and intercultural understanding through education

Results from the 2-year EUROPE Project

Ensuring Unity and Respect as Outcomes for the People of Europe


To upscale, assess the relevance, impact and scalability and disseminate the Quiet Time/TM approach in different European contexts.


To propose the field-testing, development, and assessment in a broader European context of the Quiet Time/TM programme for schools.


The Quiet Time/TM programme promotes successful inclusive education for all pupils by making schools learning communities in which a sense of inclusion and mutual support is nurtured.

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Ongoing activities, progresses and results of the EUROPE Project

EUROPE project believes in “Starting Change from within”: Seminar in Faro

 “Earlier I was a little bit agitated, I was not able to absorb easily the information I was receiving at school, my grades were not the best ones, but after I have started practicing TM I am feeling calmer, much more focused, I like very much the practice...

With the EUROPE project we achieve greater peace, happiness and satisfaction in schools

The EUROPE project uses an innovative approach for promoting inclusive education and reducing violence at school: the Quiet Time based on Transcendental Meditation Programme for schools. This new approach to improve social inclusion, is based on an initiative started...

Dr. Alberto Iria School organizes a Meditation for World Peace

Under the EUROPE project and as part of the Action of the Multiyear Improvement Plan of the TEIP programme (Territorio Educativo de Intervenção Prioritária) of the Dr. Alberto Iria School, the Quiet Time/Transcendental Meditation Programme, the Dr. Alberto Iria School...

Free Seminar on Social Inclusion and Tolerance

Education as Key to Social Inclusion 15th May 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands We are pleased to invite you to attend the seminar on “Social Inclusion and Tolerance - Education as key to Social Inclusion” that will take place on May 15th 2018 at 1.30 pm at the Cursus en...

Schools in Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands practice Quiet Time/ Transcendental Meditation

Schools in Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands include, at the beginning and at the end of the school day, a few minutes practice of a simple scientifically documented psycho‐physiological technique. This technique is called  Transcendental Meditation (TM)  and comes...