The EUROPE project focuses on the implementation of the Quiet Time Programme based on Transcendental Meditation, an innovative whole school approach involving teachers and students, aiming at reducing stress and violence in schools and at promoting social inclusion.
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To upscale, assess the relevance, impact and scalability and disseminate the Quiet Time/TM approach in different European contexts.


To propose the field-testing, development, and assessment in a broader European context of the Quiet Time/TM programme for schools.


The Quiet Time/TM programme promotes successful inclusive education for all pupils by making schools learning communities in which a sense of inclusion and mutual support is nurtured.

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Ongoing activities, progresses and results of the EUROPE Project

Beneficial effects of Quiet Time/ TM programme: EUROPE project validates research

The Transcendental Meditation technique is unique in that it is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice. It is not a technique of contemplation nor is it a technique of concentration. It is a technique of “effortless transcending” (Travis FT et al., 2002). There is a...

EUROPE project: Schools across Portugal implementing the Quiet Time/Transcendental Meditation Programme

The Quiet Time Programme is based on the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique that, over the past sixty years, has been the subject of hundreds of published, peer-reviewed studies, indicating holistic student development for various student groups across...

EUROPE project: bringing peace and social inclusion to schools with Quiet Time/TM programme

The school plays an important role for the construction of transformative communities that raise awareness on enhancing peaceful relationships between people and with the nature. Schools are our main social avenue of learning and the avenue for our professional and...

EUROPE brings Transcendental Meditation/ Quiet Time programme into European schools

Have you heard about Quiet Time programme and Transcendental Meditation? Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a very ancient, simple and natural technique, brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a foremost Vedic scholar who encouraged modern scientific research to...

Quiet Time improves academic performance and changes lives

December 2016 marks the launch of the EUROPE Project – Ensuring Unity and Respect as Outcomes for the People of Europe, which aims to foster social inclusion, tolerance and other factors that prevent violence in schools. The EUROPE project, co-funded by the Erasmus+...