Quiet Time improves academic performance and changes lives

December 2016 marks the launch of Project EUROPE – Ensuring Unity and Respect as Outcomes for the People of Europe, which aims at foster social inclusion, tolerance and other factors that prevent violence in schools. The EUROPE project, cofunded by the Erasmus+...
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The EUROPE project will focus on the implementation of the Quiet Time programme, a Trascendental Meditation course for students and teachers, aiming at reducing the stress for young people in order to benefit from school learning. Read More


To upscale, assess the relevance, impact and scalability and disseminate the Quiet Time/TM approach in different European contexts.


To propose the field-testing, development, and assessment in a broader European context of the Quiet Time/TM programme for schools.


The Quiet Time/TM promotes successful inclusive education for all pupils by making schools learning communities in which a sense of inclusion and mutual support is nurtured.